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thumb-therapyI live in Japan and I’m studying towards a Masters while working.  I love my students but I’m cynical about my position here.  I’m a keener about lots of things; linguistics, feminism, critical thinking, social issues.  I get myself all riled up about colonialism on a daily basis because my country was a colony and I hate seeing that shit get repeated. This blog is a reflection of my interests and my life in Japan, wanting to place what I see around me in a critical context.

I’m about lots of things, but mainly I’m about getting my hot-headed, pissed off opinions out into the world.  Don’t let that illustration fool you. I’m angry about a lot of things, if I were being kind to myself I would say I’m passionate or full of life or whatever.  But, really I’m just angry.  Beware of hot-tempered gingers.

I draw, well I’m an illustrator.  I got  a degree in drawing.  Yus.  I also lift very heavy things as a hobby (powerlifting) and go on cycle tours at the wrong time of the year and get heat stroke almost everyday.

True story.

If you want to contact me flick me a mail at

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